Trudi World

Orso Ettore

A Trudi product is a timeless and ageless product, because it is handed down from generation to generation, constituting an emotional bond, witness of love that survives time. Trudi places at the center of his work the world of the child, his joy, his games and his environment, keeping unchanged over time the values โ€‹โ€‹of quality, safety, innovation, design and affection that, for over 55 years, are fundamental and indispensable characteristics of their collections.

And this story continues in the collaboration between Trudi and Silc with the Trudi Baby Care and Trudy Baby Nature product lines. So every mother, even in the simple gesture of the nappy change, can give all the attention and protection that the child needs. Delicate, precious, rich in nutrients and proteins, the raw materials supplied by the beehive are real natural distillates that have inspired the products of the new Trudi Baby Care line.