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Essential, innovative and safe. The exclusive line of products designed for your baby by Trudi Baby Care.

The exclusive line of Trudi Baby Pants
Trudi Baby Care Pants offer the best on the market for dry protection for more than 12 hours.
The exclusive line of Trudi Baby Care Diapers
Superabsorbent, anatomical, elastic closure and side bands. * Second for pharmacy sales in the second half of 2018
With hypoallergenic and non-toxic filter
An ideal complement to Trudi Baby Care Diapers, they protect babies from various support surfaces (changing table, high chair, playpen, cradle, cot, seat, etc.).
with zinc oxide, pollen and calendula
A formulation designed to protect the babies' skin on a daily basis. When used regularly at each diaper change, it ensures soothing efficacy against skin redness and rash.

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