- Wellness -

Your child’s well-being has always been Trudi Baby Care’s priority.

with royal jelly
The Royal Jelly Nourishing Oil has a nourishing and emollient action on the skin. Suitable for after shower soft massages for the whole family.
with zinc oxide, pollen and calendula
A formulation designed to protect the babies' skin on a daily basis. When used regularly at each diaper change, it ensures soothing efficacy against skin redness and rash.
with propolis and calendula
The Face and Body Moisturizing Cream, rich in functional substances, protects babies' delicate skin from the aggressive action of external agents such as wind and humidity.
with bergamot flower honey
Thanks to its low alcohol content, it is particularly suitable for use on babies’ sensitive skin. Its fresh and delicate notes complete the babies’ toiletry and carries her or him throughout the day.
with natural extracts of juniper, chamomile and eucalyptus honey
Contains natural extracts and essential oils with balsamic properties; their inhalation, aided by a delicate massage, keeps the respiratory tract free and makes it easier for the babies to sleep throughout the night.

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